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About the Program is a global leader in the development and marketing of security and surveillance solutions, CCTVFocal cares and protects your assets, loved ones, and properties by providing high quality products and superior customer service all around the world. If you have a website or blog, you can join our Affiliate Program and earn money, why starting now, it’s so easy! When you refer people to our site from your site, and they purchase from our site, you earn a 3.5%-4.5% commission. As security products has become widely used in all round, homeowners take home security very seriously, the government and business owner also take public security very seriously. Therefore, a potential unlimited commission is waiting for you. We’ll handle from ordering to shipping to customer service, you just sit and wait for your commission.

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We will offer the tools you need including images, button, banner, poster and text links. You can also choose which security products that will be linked from your page to suite your site content. We'll also send you frequent e-mails and newsletters highlighting key promotions, new/hot products, and merchandising suggestions to maximize your sales.

If at any time you have question or great advice about our program, please feel free to contact our affiliate support: [email protected], Join our Affiliate Network to become a Partner in our success!

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