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CCTV Audio Security Cameras


Because of the vague facial image that caught by your home security camera, you don’t have enough evidence for the police to catch the criminals, he did say something to his companions, the security camera doesn’t feature a audio function, cannot be recorded down. That is a pity for letting the thief go. Have you ever regret that not installing an audio video camera before?


For the CCTV audio camera has the ability to record audio for a built-in microphone. This kind of security camera help you a lot when you cannot figure out the person form an vague picture, you have other choice, to identify his or her voice, this is also a powerful evidence when investigate a crime. With this special function, you can identify all different voices, which will play a big role in protecting your property.


Audio cameras at our store allow you to record a clear sound within 5 meters, which is suitable for home, business and other place need complete security needs. And be aware that not all DVRs have as many audio inputs as there are camera channels. In order to connect an audio camera to a DVR unit, the end user must connect both a video cable and an audio cable from the DVR to each audio camera. Therefore, power + video + audio cables are highly recommended for use security camera with audio.


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