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CCTV Bullet Security Cameras


Bullet cameras are named because of its shape and size; it is a type of video cameras often used in surveillance systems. Many of bullet security cameras at our store are small, compact, and discreet; some are bigger size long range IR bullet cameras that are welcomed by customers.


CCTV bullet cameras are good for small spaces, the images may have slightly cut-off comes because shape and design of the camera interfere with the actions of the camera lens and filter. Beside that bullet cameras offer high quality picture and video recording.


There are a few types of bullet cameras, like IR bullet camera which can be used day and night application, providing all day long security for you, also called night vision camera. There are also indoor and outdoor bullet cameras. Outdoor bullet cameras which are installed outside design to be weatherproof, vandal resistant, high resolution and other high performance function as well to monitor every movement of the outside. Often noticed by the bad guys so as to deter them from doing something illegal, our security cameras are ideal for retailers who are interested in discreet video surveillance.


If you want a camera for the front porch, back door, or a garage door, a night vision bullet camera is a good choice. Most bullet cameras come with a mounting bracket and can be easily mounted to the ceiling or wall.


Why not get an extra eye for protecting your property? Come and buy one here, you will not regret.


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