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CCTV Dome Surveillance Cameras


Security becomes a major concern for home and business owners as the crimes happen every day increasingly. So having one dome surveillance cameras at home can give you peace of mind while you are there or not.


When choosing a camera for home or business, dome security cameras are the most popular among most customers, because these cameras can keep your home or business safe without costing you too much. On the other hand, dome cameras are easy to install and offer great security in deterring thief and bad guys away in the act when they notice there is a camera there.


Most of the indoor security cameras are dome shape; the reason is that it has an advantage of being discreet and being able to monitor a wide area while attached to the ceiling or wall, which makes it perfect for indoor application. Install dome CCTV cameras at home, you can view your home while you are not there, and the cameras record it down for you, of course, only a security camera is not working, it must be connected to a DVR, with a mutil-function DVR, you even can monitor your home in real time with your PC or Smartphone. An indoor dome cameras in a store would help a lot, which can deter a possible thief who want to steal from your store once he discover there is an eye watching him.


Dome cameras are wide used on the bus and indoor for its shape.


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