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Product Reviews from Our Customers:

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Feedback from Our Customers:

  • JosephN

    The DVR looked exactly as I intended. For the price paid.....THIS UNIT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

  • Mech "Mech"(Louisville, KY)

    I own 2 of CCTVFocal ZMODO DVR systems, in my experience they are the best.

  • adam

    This product is very good for the price.

    Night vision really works well.

  • Richard S. Desiderio

    Easy to install, the system works well. And Zmodo has a free app called Zviewer designed to work with their products and I must say Bravo, it really works well (real time viewing only from the iPhone/ iPad).

  • John Martinez

    I purchased this system to watch my property and was amazed at all the features and simplicity of the system. The image quality is great and it is very easy to navigate.

  • chris miller

    I like the quality of picture dureing the day. Setup was easy. I'm very happy with this product.

  • J.White

    This is definitely a good product for a home. I received my product in sufficient packing to eliviate damage and I received it quicker than expected.

  • darien norris

    Nice equipment I was amazed at the quality of product No kidding. See for your self you won't be disappointed !!!!!!

  • Andres Sandoval

    Product is great for the price, works great and their tech support is awesome! no complains at all . .

  • Ghetto Soldier "ARMA1904"

    Great price for a Great Product . Works Good and easy to hook up, plug & play. Image is crispy clear in color. At night it looks ok black & white can reach about 30 feet.

  • Lisa Wade

    Love it. Perfect for anyone's first starter security system. We are able to cover every area of our house without being home!

  • skipme2

    Love this system. It works great and easy to install. I installed it my self with no problems. This is my 3rd system from zmodo. I keep upgrading and moving the old system to new locations.

  • Janet A. Akers

    I rodered this system for one of my brothers for security of his home and it has worked so well that recently I ordered another system for another of my brothers and he is just as impressed with it as my other brother. The cameras work well and have great pictures and are easy to set up.

  • S. Morgan "CPNTECH"

    Great system the system is a good quality system. It was easy to set up, the DVR works fantastic, and the 4 cameras work great.

    I do recommend this system, and am planning to buy another one for my home.

  • Joel

    The cameras are neat and their features good for home use. I like the ability to connect via the internet and receive photos/video of what may be transpiring at home.

  • Bonnie E. Roja "dog lover"

    The customer service is outstanding. They help you to set up the machine and do not make you feel like an idiot. Great price and customer service to boot. I have two of these now.