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CCTV Security Surveillance DVR


When building a complete CCTV security DVR system, basically, the cameras record what they see and send the video to the DVR. So surveillance cameras are the “eye” of the system, a digital video recorder is a video recording, storage, viewing and management of the system. Thus it is becoming more important to have a DVR device that you can easily retrieve the video and play it for after use.


All CCTV DVRs at our store equipped with basic functionality, in order to find the best home security DVR for your home or business, here are some important feature and selection guides you should look for when choosing a DVR.


DVR Channels: DVRs have different channels, the most common see are 4 channel DVRs,8 channel DVRs,16 channel DVRs, actually the number of channels is the number of camera’s it will allow to be connected, that is to say, the more cameras you need, the more channels you need. For a small home or business, a 4 channel security DVR recorder is just fine, but I might advise that you could choose a DVR that can hold 6 or 8 cameras, because you will always want to expand in the future. In all, decide where you put your cameras and how many you need to determine your channel requirements.


DVR Hard Drive Storage: Most security DVRs enables you to expand your HD space over time by replacing hard drive. How many days of video will you need to store for backup? One day? One week? One month? Actually, the amount of your time you need to store decides how large a hard drive you need on your DVR setup. Best advice for you is to go with the most storage you can afford.


Video Access: Each CCTV surveillance DVR comes with its own software for controlling the cameras and monitoring the video footage. There are options like motion detection, remote scheduling, Smartphone access, e-mail alert activation and so on. With these features included in your security system, you can view your home or business remotely via your Smartphone while at work or somewhere else. When you are going to buy any package, check the list of software features and to see that if they meet your needs.


Video Output: If you love being able to hit a button on any TV in your house and see all the cameras, you should consider a security DVR with multiple video outputs so that you can connect it to every monitor in the house.


Get to know all the above features of a DVR, I pretty sure that you can choose a best suitable CCTV DVR for your home and business surveillance.


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