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16 Channel CCTV DVR Recorders


4/8 channel DVRs do not satisfied your security needs? Well, I believe a 16 channel DVR can meet your large areas needs. The 16 channel DVR features with the same advanced basic security functions as 4/8 CH security DVR.


For most of the large areas where many spots need to be monitored, like supermarkets, parking spots, warehouse, airports, schools…and some public areas, the 16 CH standalone DVR is highly recommended.


The 16 camera DVR in this store only starts from $149.50, it is at affordable price for your surveillance needs. You can add as much as 16 indoor outdoor surveillance video cameras, and the DVR can be also compatible with other brand name security cameras, so it is very flexible if you want to add other cameras, this is not the limit.


With different size of hard drive, the recording time of the DVR is different, for example, 16 security camera system with a 16 channel CCTV DVR installed 500GB HD can continuously record for 4 days, with 1 TB install, recording times will be double. While for 16 channel DVR, USB backup combing with state-of-art H.264 compression and motion activated recording let the DVR recording for a long time without worrying the hard drive space.


When you on business or on a vacation, you must be a little worry about your family members, your staff and your properties, do you? Good news is that our Zviewer pops up, you can install it in your iPhone or Android Smart phone, connect with your CCTV camera DVR channels, thus enjoy monitoring where you want with easy control just on your phone.


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