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4 Channel CCTV Security DVR


4 channel DVR just as the name implies, it can support up to 1 to 4 indoor outdoor security cameras to complete a home security system without any problem. This 4 channel DVR with 4 security cameras fit for the average home or business security needs.


Except from the looks, all our 4 CH DVRs are fully integrated, real time, based on an embedded Linux system, use the latest in compression technology, H.264, to be able to record high quality video without using up a large amount of storage space. With other outstanding features, like Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera control, network access, and USB2.0 backup, scheduled recording, motions detected recording…the 4 camera DVR is perfect for home and small business application. DVR supports the Remote View via Smartphone and 3G mobile technology! Thus, you can monitor your home or business anywhere in the world.


If you are worried about the storage space, then you can choose the one with hard drive installed.500GB hard drive can record contiguously for about two weeks, 1TB hard drive can record for about one month. Currently, we just have 4 channel CCTV DVR with 500GB or 1TB hard drive, but you can also expand it to 2TB as you like. Well, there are benefits for you to have a hard drive, you need not to worry about the storage space, and you can even save the video for later looking.


Choosing a suitable DVR is not an easy job, if you don’t know how to choose, definitely we would offer constant help for your needs.


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