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8 Channel CCTV Surveillance DVR


Compared with the 4 channel DVR, 8 channel security DVR has its own advantage, because it can used as a 4 camera system or 8 camera system which up to how many cameras you add to it. Therefore, 8 channel security DVR is easier to be expand for future upgrade, and the price is not so much higher than 4CH DVR, which becomes more popular among business owner.


Do you have an available hard drive at home? If not, there are 8 channel DVRs with 500 GB hard drive or 1TB hard dirve.DVR with hard drive pre-installed can be a very good option for security needs, you don't have to worry about the storage space, which can store the data for at least one week with 500 GB, 1TB even more longer. You can also expand it to 2 TB if you want. But I think 2TB is enough for a small home or business.


Our 8CH H.264 DVR come with various options to easily offload your video evidence, including USB, CD-RW and via a network. Many of our offerings are network accessible, allowing simple access to your video security system remotely, via the internet or Smartphone. Another useful feature available on most 8 channel DVRs support various kinds of recording modes, including manual recording, scheduled recording, motion detection recording , alarm triggered recording and alarm/motion detection triggered recording. With RS-485 PTZ control, it can work with any PTZ security cameras. So this 8 channel best buy DVR is perfect for medium home and small business.


Before you decide to purchase an 8 channel DVR, please check it if other necessary equipment is included in the box, and functions with this DVR you need.


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