Help Me Choose: Cameras

Below are a few technical terms you may need to know before selecting your cameras for a DVR system.

Camera Type:The most popular cameras used for a DVR system are “Bullet” and “Dome”. Bullet cameras can be used indoors or outdoors while Dome cameras are used indoors.

Lens Size & Sensor Type:These two specs make up the cameras Focal Length. The lower the focal length, the wider the angle view, but there is less viewing distance. The larger the focal length, the less the angle view, but there is longer viewing distance.

Vari-Focal Lens:Gives you the option of changing the cameras viewing width and distance angles.

IR LED:Gives the camera the ability to see in the dark.

IR Distance:The distance in which the camera can see in the dark.

Illumination or Lux Rating:Refers to the amount of light required for a camera to capture a good image. The lower the Lux rating, the less light that is needed in the recording area.

TV Lines:This is a measure of the camera picture quality. The higher the TV lines, the better the picture quality.