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CCTV Camera Systems

CCTVFocal provides all kinds of CCTV camera systems that you will need. For home security, business security, we have them all.

To protect your family or business, you need to setup a complete CCTV camera system and then monitor your house, office, store, warehouse, etc. on your PC or iPhone, iPad, Android from anywhere, anytime.

We have 4 Channel CCTV camera systems, 8 Channel CCTV camera systems and 16 Channel CCTV camera systems. You can choose a proper one for your house or business.

4 Channel CCTV camera systems: A 4 Channel CCTV Camera System is often used to provide CCTV video surveillance in medium-sized homes or businesses. It's convenient for you a setup a 4 channel CCTV camera system in your house or store. It includes 4 home security cameras, one surveillance DVR and other CCTV accessories.

8 Channel CCTV camera systems: Our 8 camera CCTV systems are designed to be easy to install and come with 8 high-quality home security cameras and one surveillance DVR and other accessories. For the storage, you can choose two kinds of hard drive: 500GB or 1TB.

16 Channel CCTV camera systems: With CCTVFocal's 16CH camera system, you can protect your big house or store very simply and conveniently. To prevent burglaries, robberies, unexpected disasters, you need to setup a high-quality 16ch cctv camera system.

Other than the CCTV camera systems, we also got the latest wireless IP camera systems. With those wireless camera system, you will need less time and strengh to make the whole system work. It's quite easy for setting up a wireless system.

Now get started with your own affordable and high-quality CCTV camera system on!