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4 Channel Camera Security Systems

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge and affordable 4 camera video surveillance systems, which will deliver everything you need to defend your home or business, safeguard your loved ones and deter intruders. Equipped with a 4 channel DVR and 4 CCTV security cameras, Zmodo indoor and outdoor video security systems can be configured to meet your exact security needs.


Complete CCTV Surveillance System for Business & Home Security

Our CCTV surveillance systems come with 4 channel security DVR equipped with 500GB, 1TB hard drive or no hard drive to record and playback your videos in full D1 resolution, 4 indoor outdoor weatherproof night vision CCTV surveillance cameras, plus all the cables and CCTV power supplies you need. Work well on recording what is going on around your home, act as an ever-present deterrent to vandalism or theft.


Remote Viewing from Anywhere via PC or Smartphones

We offer free app downloads, allowing you to remotely monitor the safety of your loved ones from afar. You can remote viewing with smartphone, tablet or PC anywhere anytime. You will have true 24/7 video security day and night with real-time motion activated email alerts and easy smartphone access. Keep a constant eye on your property and feel secure with our 4 channel security surveillance system.