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8 Channel 4 Camera Security Systems

Zmodo 8 Channel CCTV System with 4 CCTV Surveillance Cameras is a state-of-the-art security surveillance solution that can be deployed 24/7 in your home. Zmodo home security system works well on recording what is going on around your home, act as an ever-present deterrent to vandalism or theft. Night vision and weatherproof features all contribute to an effective and efficient home security system, which could keep the exterior of your home or building monitored, secure and safe.


Ready-to-Use 8 Channel 4 Camera Systems Include

* 8 Channel H.264 Security DVR

* 4 CCTV Surveillance Cameras

* All the Cables and CCTV Power Supplies You Need

* Features (Night Vision, Remote Viewing, Email Alert, etc.)

* Support (Customer Service, How-to Guides, etc.)


Expandable Up to 8 CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Included in this security camera system are 8 channel security DVR and 4 high resolution security cameras. This system enjoys the capability of supporting up to 8 security cameras in total, which allows you to add new cameras as needed. If you just require 4 security cameras so far, but want to get the chance to expand it to 6 or 8 cameras in the future without having to purchase an entirely new system, why not take a try of Zmodo 8 Channel CCTV System with 4 CCTV Surveillance Cameras?


Motion Recording and Remote Viewing

Zmodo CCTV Surveillance Systems enjoy many advanced features including motion detection and remote viewing via PC or smartphones. Keeping a track of high-risk areas at a specific time or date is simplified with the DVR's scheduled recording mode. Additionally, when in the continuous recording mode, the DVR also sends prompt motion-activated visual alerts.