Focus on offering affordable CCTV security solution!

One Wire Does It All! Power and Audio/Video via One CAT5 Network Cable!

Did you know that you can power your IP cameras through your NVR? It's true! If you have an NVR wired directly to your router, there is no need to run a separate power cord!With four Power Over Ethernet(POE) ports, the same network cable can deliver not only video but also power from each IP camera to the network video recorder. No need to run separate power cable or power equipment.

720P HD Video

With three times the resolution of standard analog video, the 720p NVR allows you to record more of the scene without losing any detail. The megapixel cameras included in this pure digital recorder kits can see more of the room than standard analog security cameras, which will help you save money by installing fewer cameras and still monitoring the entire space.

Watch Your Home or Business From Anywhere with the Zviewer App or a PC

Keep an eye on what goes on in and around your home with our best wireless camera security system. View live video streams directly from your supported PC or 3G/4G Smartphone.

Free Remote Viewing apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone.

Windows CMS Software - View Camera Footage from Anywhere, Anytime

PC-Zviewer is a Camera Management System software designed specifically for Zmodo network video monitoring. Easy to install and use, it will help users reailze the full potential of this system.

No Matter Indoor or Outdoor, No Matter Day or Night

View at Night up to 65'

24 infrared (IR) LEDs activate automatically in low-light or no-light situations to allow you to see up to 65' away, and deactivate once lighting conditions improve.

The IR-cut filter in this camera gives superb images in daylight, and excellent IR images at night

Weatherproof Housing Cameras

The cameras can withstand extreme wind, dust, and rain. These cameras are suitable for outdoor use, even in rugged climates.


  • Plug and Play

    Just turn on the recorder and connect your cameras — you will see the live video. No need other devices if you only need to set it in LAN.

  • Easy USB Back-up

    Built-in USB port provides an easy option to transfer your files to a PC, backup, or send to others.

  • Instant Email Alerts

    This system is designed to send an email alert, complete with photo of the activity, if any motion is detected, or if any camera experiences video loss.

Advanced Motion Detection Recording

The motion detection options allow you to record only when motion is detected to save hard drive space without missing important events.

720P and QVGA Dual Stream Video Quality Selectable

Dual Stream Network Transmission allows the Cameras to transmit steady fluid image at the same time as higher resolution video.

Multiple mounting options

Wall Mount

Ceiling Mount