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Wireless CCTV NVR System

When getting a wired security system installed, properly you will get a little mess up considering where to put the wires and cables, and you are tired of it. However, there is a simple way to solve this problem. Thanks to our research team efforts, a new kind of wireless network camera system has been launched.

With this new NVR system, wires and cables are no long a problem, you can install this system wherever you want. This system includes a network video recorder, 4 IP wireless cameras and other necessary equipment.

The IP security camera system with advance wireless technology are popular among customers today; there are some notable features you should have to know about it.

1. Wireless -- No cables are needed for wireless outdoor security camera system; free you from long video audio wires and enjoy the convenience of wireless.

2. Safety Transmission & Monitoring -- Under a private network transfer protocol, this network video recorder ensures security during video transmission and network remote monitoring of your cameras.

3. Plug-n-play, Hassle-free Setup -- There is no need to incur the cost of hiring and installation technician, as NVR is easy to setup n a matter of minutes. Just connect power to the NVR, join your network, and you’re done.

4. NVR Auto Add IP Camera -- Once the system has started, intelligent IP search software will automatically begin searching for IP cameras in the same local network. Up to four cameras will be added to the NVR automatically.

5. Instant Email Alerts if Alarm is triggered -- This system is designed to send an email alert, complete with photo of the activity, if alarm is triggered, or if it experiences exception such as hard disk error or no space.

6. Advanced Motion Detection Setting of IP Cameras -- Motion detection switches allow you to set a ‘mask’ to block areas with constant movement from triggering an alarm. Simply click the square grid on the video footage to set motion detection areas. Focus on important areas only and save hard drive space with this function.

Above are just a few outstanding features, when you use it, you will find more. For its convenience, it is worthwhile to purchase one. Come and get one best home security camera system for your business or home surveillance.